Product Review: The Roku Express Streaming Player

Product Review: The Roku Express Streaming Player

Your not very smart telly is sitting in the corner of the spare room, gathering dust, while your smart TV has pride of place in the living room. The latter boasts thousands of channel choices, including catch-up TV and multiple streaming options, whereas your old TV only has more limited Freeview options.

Step forward the Roku Express, which makes any TV a Smart TV providing access to 4,000+ streaming channels and thousands of movies and boxsets, including the UK’s favourite catch-up services such as, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, UKTV and All 4. It also gives access to all the popular streaming channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube. 

Set-up is super simple and everything is in the box to get started. A great idea that will give new life to your old TV. 

The Roku Express is available from Tesco, Currys, Maplin, ASDA, Sainbury’s, Argos and Amazon, retailing at £29.99