Redecoration Plans Are Top Of Agenda For Many

Redecoration Plans Are Top Of Agenda For Many

To beat the January blues, home owners are planning to redorate their homes while those who rent also plan to give their homes an early spring clean, according to research. 

The study from flat share site weroom shows that 37 per cent of Brits like to spring clean or clear out their homes in January and a further 15 per cent redecorate their properties as part of their New Year, new look plans. 

A third (33 per cent) of those who rent, however, are put off spending money on a property that is not theirs and are worried about the risk of losing their damage deposit by making changes their landlord may not like.

In light of these findings, Weroom has partnered with Interior Designer, Sarah Akwisombe, to develop 10 top tips for renters looking to decorate their homes this year without falling foul of landlords or spending a lot of money.

Sarah Akwisombe, commented: “Like many tenants, when I rented, I wanted to inject personality into my home whilst keeping my landlord happy and not spending too much money. There are lots of ways to make a rented house feel like a home without making permanent changes or breaking the bank. Simple things like using cushions and throws makes a big difference to a room, and new decorative techniques like peel-off wallpaper and washi tape have opened up a world of possibilities for renters!”

Home improvements do not always go to plan, with the majority (77 per cent) of those surveyed having experienced a decorating disaster. A third (34 per cent) of Brits have made a wallpaper or paint choice that they regretted and one in five (22 per cent) have accidentally removed wall plaster when stripping wallpaper. Six per cent have punctured a water pipe while redecorating, with a further six per cent making a structural change to their home that they regret.  A further fifth (22 per cent) are sympathetic towards landlords’ decision not to let tenants decorate.

Thomas Villeneuve, CEO of Weroom.com, commented: “Renting is a long term housing solution for many Brits as the cost of buying property continues to soar but worries about financial implications and annoying their landlords put tenants off decorating.

“We know that property damage is the most common reason for deposit disputes between tenants and landlords, so we want to make sure renters know how they can use simple and inexpensive techniques to give homes a refresh that will keep all parties happy.”

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