Simple Ways To Achieve A Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

Simple Ways To Achieve A Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

We all need to get our beauty sleep - we wouldn't look or feel our best without it - so to ensure we do get the requisite amount of shut-eye each night, it's important to consider the environment around us. If it's not especially sleep-friendly, then we are going to suffer a waking nightmare rather than the sleep of our dreams.

Here are just a few ideas that we hope you find useful.

Buy yourself a new mattress

Now, the guy at the store will ramble on all day about springs and coils, and various types of foam, but at the end of the day, the bed needs to be right for you. Listen to the advice you are given by all means, but the only real way to know what type of mattress is best for your body type is to try them out. So, when you're shopping around, lie on as many as is necessary and choose a store that will give you a 30-day guarantee. This way, if the mattress isn't as comfortable as you had hoped, you have the option of returning it for something else. Be sure to choose an allergen-free mattress topper to increase your chances of a better night's sleep too, and consider weighted blankets which apparently have worked wonders for many people's sleeping patterns. 

Find ways to darken your room

The natural light coming in through your windows and the artificial night from your alarm clock and smart devices, will mess with your wake-sleep cycle and prevent you from falling asleep quickly. Therefore, make sure you fully shut your drapes of a nighttime, or visit a curtains retailer for something better fit for purpose, such as a heavier-set curtain-type or a blackout blind. Then take other necessary steps, such as putting your phone under your bed, and turning your alarm clock around, so its not facing you with it's neon glow when you're trying to get to sleep. 

Consider painting your walls

When it comes to your bedroom, serene and relaxing colours are the way to go. It's probably best to avoid anything too bright and energetic then, opting instead for those colours that are more conducive to a better night's sleep. Blue is the best colour according to this report, but yellow, green, silver, and orange have also proven worthy when tested with survey participants. The worst colours according to the linked article are purple, red, grey, and brown, so if your bedroom walls are guilty of this decorative faux pas, then it's time to get the paintbrush out. 

Create a tidier room

A tidy room is a tidy mind, so they say (we aren't sure who 'they' are), but this saying is true to most of us, especially those of us who are distracted by things out of place when we're trying to sleep. Of course, a good tidy up before you go to bed should work wonders when trying to create a zen-state in your bedroom, but if you have run out of places to put your underwear, makeups, and reading materials, then it's probably time to buy some new storage furniture. Alternatively, stick up a few more shelves and clothing racks if you have run out space for larger goods, as you should then have more room for your various bedroom items.

Getting to sleep is important, so if you have been missing out on your z's recently, you might find a solution within this article. Leave us a comment below if you have any other ideas for our readers.

Take care, and thanks for reading!