Simply build it!

Simply build it!

Simply Build It, a unique new product which enables consumers to affordably design and construct a robust and modular table or work bench at any height, length or depth out of any timber material has launched. 

The kit from construction connector manufacturer, Simpson Strong Tie, which retails at £45, includes screws and heavy duty timber connectors specially designed to ensure true corners and enable purchasers to construct items for garage organisation, gardening and green house furniture, pet homes and furniture - ultimately anything that you might build from timber.

Using Simply Build It, customers can avoid spending hours measuring, cutting and planning timber or carving joints. All the maker has to do is decide on the dimensions and then add the 38mm x 89mm joint section to their chosen timber. Even the most inexperienced DIY’er should take no more than two hours to build the basic 1.2m work bench, at an estimated overall cost of £90 making it cheaper than most ready-made benches on the market.

Simply Build It projects are extremely robust and hard-wearing – for example a 1200mm x 600mm workbench with an 18mm sheet of plywood for the work top will take a load of 450kg, with enough strength to work on a Ford Transit Engine or a model steam engine, It’s perfect for everything from construction to home life.

User friendly guides can be found on the website  www.simplybuildit.co.uk regarding specifications, build instructions and an online timber requirements calculator that outputs a printable timber shopping list for the project in hand.

There is also a link to a YouTube video  which demonstrates  the ease with which a work bench can be built.  QR codes on product packaging give consumers a direct link to the website from smartphones and tablets.