Staging Your Home For Sale: Tips & Tricks To Try

Staging Your Home For Sale: Tips & Tricks To Try

If you are looking to sell your home anytime soon, then you’ll know what a competitive market it can be right now. There aren’t many homes going for sale, as people are a little reluctant to buy at the moment, especially with the unknown entity that is ‘Brexit.’ But even with that in mind, there are still buyers out there. You just need to make your home more appealing than your competitors, so to speak. Viewers want to think that they are getting value for money with the house, as well as thinking that they won’t have to do too much to it.

So as you prepare to put your house on the market, getting your home ready for viewers is a great idea. It is often referred to as staging your property, but it can really help to give off the best impression of your home. Here are some top tips to help your property to sell.

Declutter But Don’t Depersonalise

Stepping into a home that is a little sterile or hotel-like, can be off putting for potential buyers. They want to see that it is lived in and can work for a home. Having said that, personal photographs on every wall can be a bit much. You want to create a homely feel for them by decluttering and having things neat and tidy. But don’t make it too minimalistic as it can feel a little forced.

Think About Finishing Touches

There may be some things that you would never have thought about for your home before. But when it comes to selling and curb appeal, they may be a good idea. How about things like hanging baskets or potted plants to frame the front door? You could think about getting some patio heaters from patiomate, as an example, so when they step outside, the area is warm and welcoming. Little things like that can make a big difference to potential buyers. So think about attention to detail and what little finishing touches you could make to your home, both inside and out.


Fresh Coat of Paint

When was the last time that your decorated your home? Even if it was only a couple of years ago, it can be surprising just how much paint can fade. A  fresh lick of paint on doors, skirting boards, and walls, can really brighten the place up and make it look more crisp and clean. If you have some walls painted with rather bright colours, then it could be time to cover them up with a more neutral colour. Buyers can more easily imagine themselves and their things in the home if it is kept quite neutral.

Make It Light & Airy

Creating a light and bright home can be such a breath of fresh air and really appeal to buyers. Think about opening blinds fully, cleaning windows, and getting a variety of lamps to have, like floor lamps or string lights. Mirrors are also a great way to create light and space in a room, so try to have one in every room where appropriate.