Summer Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Shape

 Summer Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Shape

When we think of summertime, we tend to think of long lazy days spent outdoors enjoying the sunshine (if we’re lucky), we rarely think about household maintenance chores - they’re for spring right? However, there are a number of maintenance tasks that you should do when summer starts if you want to ensure that your home is in good shape and that you can enjoy the season to it’s fullest.

What exactly are these tasks?

Check for Wear and Tear

At the start of the summer season, it’s a really good idea to go around both the inside and outside of the property to check for any signs of wear and tear such as loose tiles on the roof or holes in the wall, which could allow pests such as rats, who tend to be very active in summer, to get inside.

Mend the Fence

It’s also a good idea to check the perimeter of the garden to ensure that your fence is in good condition and that there are no gaps or dangerous areas that could let your children or pets escape, or cause them to be injured.

Clean the Gutters

A lot of people think that they only need to clean their gutters in the autumn and winter months when the weather is bad and the leaves are falling, however, it is a really good idea to make use of the local gutter cleaning services in the summer too. Why? Because birds and over small animals are very active in summer and they can get into the gutters building nests and making a mess that will need to be cleaned. The last thing you want is for your barbecue to be brought to an abrupt standstill when the gutters burst and soak grandma!

Check Your Window Locks

In summer, chances are you’ll want to open your windows up a lot more to let the pleasing summer air in. If that’s the case, it pays to, very early on in the season, check that all of the window locks are in good condition. If they have started to rust or stick, then you may find it hard to open them regularly or if you can get them open, it might prove difficult to close them again, which is an obvious safety risk.

Clean the Freezer

The beginning of summer is the perfect time to clean out and clean up the freezer and defrost it if you don’t have an auto defrost model. Why? Because ice cream, lollies and ice cubes are going to be on the agenda and you’ll need somewhere to keep them cool until you’re ready to eat them.

Mow the Lawn

It’s an obvious one, but if you want to be able to enjoy your garden throughout the summer, mowing the lawn and pulling the weeds is vital.

It might seem like a lot of work when you’ve only just finished spring cleaning, but if you want your summer season at home to go without a hitch, it really is worth taking the time to do these chores, at least.