The 5 Most Profitable Ways To Add Value To Your Home

The 5 Most Profitable Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Doesn’t everybody want to know that they’re able to make as much money from their home as possible? Even when you love where you live, and you see your house as 100% a home and not an investment in property, you’d still like to know that it’s worth as much as possible. Because that’s just good business. Nobody wants their home to be worth nothing. When you’re house proud and you want it to look nice, or when you want to make sure that you’re making the most of the space to benefit your family, looking into ways to upgrade your property will never hurt. So let’s take a look at the most profitable ways to do that.

Go Up Or Down

Firstly, you may have the option to convert some of the spaces that you have. Whether you have a basement that is not in use, or an attic that’s stuffed full of old storage, have you ever thought about turning them into livable spaces? Whether you need the extra room right now or not, converting your basement or your attic could add between 15-30 per cent more value into your home! And if you want to maximize the money you have in it, this is always a no-brainer kind of idea!

Make Use Of The Garage

Moving on to something quite similar, you should really think about whether you get full use of your garage or not. Because if you don’t actually store your car in it, you could get a lot more value added onto your home by converting it. Around 15 per cent in fact. And if you really need the space, converting your garage from a dumping ground or empty space into a living space could be the answer you’ve been looking for.


And, of course, there’s always the option to extend too. Now, extending your property isn’t always going to guarantee you profitability, so you have to get the placement right. More often than not, the extensions that bring the most value are the ones that are extending the kitchen in the process. This could increase the value by up to 15 per cent.

Add On

Again, another way that you could think about increasing the amount of living space that you have is by adding a conservatory. Not everyone loves the idea conservatories, but they do add value and will give you some extra living space. Plus, if you’re very careful with the design that you pick out, you may find that it can really enhance the look of your home too.

Landscape Away

Finally, you should also think about the ways you can spruce up the look of the home in other ways. While some efforts will mean more to your personal tastes, some don’t add value. But one spruce that should tick both boxes is landscaping. Landscaping to add value can be a great idea not only to create a beautiful looking outside space, but ensure that your home reaches its potential too.