The Most Hated Household Smells Revealed

The Most Hated Household Smells Revealed

New research has revealed that the wiffiest, and most reviled, smells do indeed emanate from the smallest room in the house!

A study carried out by Aqdot, creators of Oderase, the first and only fragrance-free, odour erasing spray in the UK market, has found that bathroom odours are the among the most hated of all smells in the home. 

The survey revealed that while more than 20 per cent of Brits thought that bathroom smells were the most disgusting, almost a third of people questioned found the smell of bins utterly revolting. Out-of- date milk, body odour, and pet-related stenches rated highly on the sniffometer while cooking, shoes and trainers and teenage bedrooms also hit the high notes.

Jing Zhang, co-founder and Marketing Director of Aqdot, said: “We all like to think our homes are clean and odour-free but it’s a fact that there are some things that do not smell very pleasant. It was the smell of nappies that prompted my husband and me to develop Oderase, initially for bathrooms as we know that this is a space where people most want a product that simply works.

“As a mum, it is great to now have the option of purchasing an air freshener that is fragrance-free, non-toxic and non-aerosol, kind and caring for the whole family.”

Tim Wright, CEO of Aqdot said: “Given the impact identified in the survey we have focused our initial development work for fragrance-free Oderase on combatting bathroom smells without introducing additional unpleasant scents.

"We are delighted by the response that we are receiving to our launch of this disruptive product. Our scientific specialists are continuing testing and developing formulations as we plan to broaden the product range to provide solutions across the variety of unpleasant smells that our customers want to eradicate.”

Central to Aqdot is a husband and wife team who are two of the co-founders of the company. Having had their child and changed countless smelly nappies in the early days of their entrepreneurial journey, Dr Jing Zhang and Dr Roger Coulston realised that they had developed a technology that could potentially be used to genuinely change the way bad odours are removed in our homes for the better. They believed that it would be possible to clear odours in a more caring way, without the need to use allergy-causing fragrances or propellants, to be kinder to our families and pets.

Together with the team at Aqdot, they created Oderase, a fragrance-free, non-aerosol pump spray that effectively clears bathroom odours and is now available to buy from Ocado.

*Panelbase research carried out with 1746 participants in September 2018.