The subtle art of statement walls

The subtle art of statement walls

Feature walls are a fine art. The balance between subtlety and statement is easily tipped in a world with so many interior design options. It can often be somewhat overwhelming choosing a design that will perfectly complement the style of your home, but the process doesn’t need to be so daunting. There are simple ways to accessorise your home and bring your look together for gorgeous aesthetics in any room.

Get ready to embrace huge art murals and ditch repetitive textured wallpaper - your walls will never be the same again!


Your statement wall should set the theme of your room. What do you want people to feel when they enter your room? Before you even think about what your mural features, you should consider what you want your room to represent. 

For example, if you wanted to evoke memories of previous holidays and day dreams of exotic destinations, you may choose to feature a world map along one of you walls. Serving as a talking point and an excuse for you to bring up stories of gap years and your travels abroad, your theme could become travel and foreign lands, allowing you to display all of the wonderful trinkets you’ve collected along the way.

Room with a view

Create the room you’ve always wanted. If you live in the suburbs, but you’d rather a rooftop apartment in the centre of Paris, you can create this with stunning photographic wall murals.

Instead of a striking bold patterns, your feature wall will blend in as if it was a window to another world. Without the hassle of garish colours to match with your soft furnishings, you’ll have no trouble accessorising your room to fit with a city skyline wall mural. As you can see in the image above, the tones displayed in this stunning skyline image work beautifully with modern wooden flooring and furnishings. You certainly won’t struggle to work with these neutral accents of beige and brown, to create chic interior.


If you’re still slightly apprehensive about wall art murals, you could resort to classic trends that are timeless in style, such as monochrome. Scaling back on bold colours can create gorgeous aesthetics in any room and just because we’re not working with bright shades doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement. 

A black and white photograph or illustration can create the perfect base to dictate the mood in your room. This atmospheric shot of an enchanted forest under a blanket of winter snow brings a magical vibe, yet stays in keeping with the rest of the room so that the mural doesn’t seem too ‘out there’. Ensure that all of your soft furnishings stick to the trend to really pull off this look in style. 

This colour palette exercise will help you to see how the other elements of your room that you may often overlook interact with the overall look of your home. Often, it isn’t in fact the statement wall that causes an issue, it’s the clashing soft furnishings that ruin the final look. Carefully curate what goes on display in your room and use furniture and soft furnishings to fall in line with all four walls.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your interior. As long as you stay within your colour palette and take note of the finer finishing details, you’ll be able to create a room with timeless wonder that your guests will love to visit. 

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