The Top 30 World Records You Can Break At Home

The Top 30 World Records You Can Break At Home

Lockdown boredom has seen many of us learning languages, instruments or cooking skills, but what if you could spend an evening at home getting yourself in the record books? SlotsWise has laid out the top 30 world records that you can break at home or anywhere else! See the full list here.

The world records have been chosen based on how fun, cheap and easy they are to set up as well as basing them on the skills of the average person. Below are some of the different types of records you can break. 

30 second records

Whether you're short on time or just fancy a race against the clock, these are some of the records you can break in 30 seconds:

  • Jumping jacks - Home workouts have been keeping people fit over the past few months, but how does 68 jumping jacks in half a minute sound? Currently held by Brit, Simon Idio from last year, but definitely could be beaten! 
  • Sticky notes - If you overdid it on stationary purchases for working-from-home, then you could be on course to try and better Italian, Silvio Sabbs’s world record of 38 sticky notes stuck to the face in 30 seconds. 
  • Getting sponged - This might be one for the garden, but taking 44 wet sponges to the face in half a minute would top American, David Rush’s current record set only this year! 

Food records

The next set of feats are ones that tend to favour food or physicality! It’s up to you to judge which will be a piece of cake. 

  • Pizza - We all know there’s faster ways to eat a pizza than with a knife and fork, but using cutlery, could you manage a 12-inch pizza in less than 23.6 seconds? 
  • Bubblegum - If you’re forever blowing bubbles, why not put it to good use? A bubblegum bubble measuring over half a metre in diameter would get you close to Chad Fell’s 16 year record!
  • Eggs - If you’re not all that hungry, then all it would take for you to complete your record food feat in this instance is by stacking 4 eggs on top of each other. Easy right? 

Stay Indoors. Break Records 

If you want to get into the record books but keep it within four walls then some of the following feats might be the one for you: 

  • Tea bags - Reckon you could land 8 tea bags into a mug in half a minute? If so then you’re on course to smash a record that’s stood for 3 years. 
  • Toilet paper - If you’re one of the guilty few that stockpiled unnecessarily at the start of lockdown, then you can redeem yourself in a record attempt of beating a toilet roll tower of 28! 
  • Socks - Yet another record where 28 is the magic number, but this time we’re asking you to put on as many socks as you can in half a minute! Slovakian, Paolo Durdik, broke this record back in 2017. 

From the downright ridiculous to the weirdly tempting, you can find all of our favourite records here. Please feel free to get in touch for any further information on the records or, by all means, send us your own attempts! 

Photo credit: Photo by Fröken Fokus from Pexels