Three Functional Elements Of Good Kitchen Design

 Three Functional Elements Of Good Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the most commonly renovated room in UK homes. It is somewhere you are likely to spend a lot of time in most days, it holds much of the value of the home, and it often feels like one of the homeliest areas. If you are thinking of changing things up a little in your kitchen, you might want to bear the functionality of the room in mind. For as far as you want it all to look the part, that alone is not enough - you need the room to function perfectly as a kitchen too. Let’s look at some of the important functional elements of good kitchen design.

Work Triangle

You might not have the space for this first element, but if you do it is an unavoidable one - and if you don’t, you will end up with something like it anyway. The work triangle in the middle of the room is one of the absolute cornerstones of modern kitchen design, and this is in part the case simply because it offers such a high degree of functionality. It is easy to build and install, easy to use, simple to clean, and it is one of the best ways to make use of the space in your kitchen. Consider this vital.

Unit To Open Space Ratio

The kitchen needs a good amount of storage space in order to work properly as a functional kitchen. However, this storage space can come in many forms, and it does not necessarily need to be closed away. Some of the best designs in kitchens these days include spaces to hang pots and pans from in the open; this makes for a more easygoing yet professional-feeling kitchen - a little touch of Jamie Oliver. However, we can’t discredit the huge importance of having the right kitchen units where you need them too, nor of looking after them properly. If you read this guide to kitchen unit maintenance, you will see that your units are one of the most important elements of all - so be sure to treat them well.


Recent Technological Shifts

If you really want to make your kitchen as top of the range as possible, you will want to consider some of the more recent technologies as well. Not all of them will be necessary or even right for your kitchen, of course, as it all depends on each individual kitchen in question. But you might find certain items particularly useful - such as the table holder, which allows you to leaf through digital recipes by voice command as you cook - meaning no more sticky screens, and a much easier time of it all.

With the above taken into account, you are off to a good start to giving your kitchen a fantastically functional new lease on life. You should find that this helps you to enjoy your time in the kitchen all the more - something that any family can be proud of.