Top 10 Outdoor Decor Enhancement Options for Corporate Spaces

Top 10 Outdoor Decor Enhancement Options for Corporate Spaces

The outdoor area of any corporate environment is the first thing that greets guests, visitors, customers and employees. So, it’s vital that companies try to make the most of their outdoor areas. Larger businesses are now realising that employees benefit from having access to a light, airy and attractive outdoor space. Numerous studies have revealed that giving staff access to a good outside area even helps to improve productivity. Customers will also be impressed by an attractive entrance to the premises.

Here are the top 10 ideas with which you can create an attractive outdoor area for your corporate environment:

1. Provide Sufficient Outdoor Seating Options

You can explore a wide range of outdoor furniture on the market ranging from low retaining walls that offer a perfect landscape feature with row seating to patio furniture benches that can blend with your office outdoor environment. Make sure you consider comfort while choosing seating options for your outdoor space.

2. Provide Access to Wi-Fi

It is a good idea to give wireless internet access for people visiting your outdoor areas, so that either they can manage work or can go online for downtime during break times. Anyone, whether it be customers or contractors, will require Internet access when visiting your premises.

3. Boost Your Landscaping Efforts

Making your outdoor space greener and more colourful is one of the best ways to make your employees as well as guests feel much closer to nature. A natural habitat helps rejuvenate mental as well as physical energy. Hence if you have enough outdoor space it will be a good idea to establish a wonderful and planned landscape there. But, as real plants may demand regular maintenance as well as efforts so you may opt silk plants and trees for building a landscape. Artificial boxwood hedges give you the same feel and appearance as that of real plants with even more benefits like durability, less maintenance, low purchasing costs, easy installation and more.

4. Arrange Shaded Areas

Shaded areas will allow people to use laptops and have the option to relax away from the sun, if, and when, it appears!

5. Make Your Outdoor Borders and Walls Private

You can offer much more convenient and comfortable space to sit and relax for your employees and visitors by providing privacy in the patio areas. This can be done either by planting living trees or placing large artificial trees in line along your boundary walls. The trees will not only act as privacy screens but will also help you incorporate shaded space in your office outdoor. You can also incorporate paths in your landscape, so that people can walk through your landscape.

6. Make the Complete Outdoor View Clear

For your office outdoors, it is important for you to keep the visibility of the complete area clear. Trim or shorten the plants or overgrown greenery that is hindering the view of pathways, walkways or the main entrance of the office. Also place a few dustbins in your outdoor space, so that people roaming or relaxing, cannot spread rubbish around your outdoor space. This will ensure a cleaner outdoor environment.

7. Refresh Your Outdoor Décor Occasionally

All kinds of landscapes have a certain lifespan. After a certain period of time, they start to look dull and tired. Therefore, if you want to offer a comfortable and fresh feeling to your employees, visitors and guests while visiting your outdoor area, it is important to upgrade the tired parts at the right time. Whether it’s your faux flowers, plants, patios or green carpets, all these should be replaced in order to refresh the appearance of your outdoor landscape.

8. Don't Forget to Give a Welcoming Appearance to The Entrance

It’s crucial to give an inviting appearance to the main entrance of your office building in order to be consistent with your external décor. This can be accomplished by adding bright colours in the form of beautiful flowers, bulbs, fresh-looking grass and more. A perfect entrance will give your customers and guests a more pleasant experience.

9. Adding Stone Tiles for Outdoor Flooring

Adding stone tiles to your office outdoors will add style to your outdoor decoration. You can try staggering stepping stones somewhere in between your landscape between your walkway to give a modern look to your commercial exterior space. Other features such as a decorative bird bath give a wonderful look in combination with strategically designed stone tiles.

10. Add Soothing Lighting

Appropriate lighting is crucial for your outdoor area. It is obvious that every office has varying working hours and therefore it is important to place appropriate lighting that can complement your landscape. The lights need not to be harsh but should beautify your outdoor area features.

First impressions really do count. An attractive exterior area can say a lot about your internal office environment to clients and other visitors. In addition, attractive and accessible outdoor spaces can give employees a better break from office routine, refresh minds and boost productivity. The above tips and tricks should help to make a difference.