Top Property Turn-offs Revealed

Top Property Turn-offs Revealed

  • New research highlights the 10 things that put buyers off the most when viewing a property
  • Bad smells, poor layouts and botched DIY jobs are likely to result in lower bids for your home
  • Is your décor holding you back? 13% say it’s the biggest turn-off
  • TV personality and property expert Sarah Beeny offers some tips to help you get the maximum value from a sale

New research has highlighted the 10 things that are most likely to prevent homeowners from getting the maximum asking price when selling their property.

1,500 people in the UK were asked in the survey by Inspired Wallpaper  what their biggest turn-offs were when viewing a property. They came up with the following list…

  1. Unpleasant smells
  2. Bad layout
  3. Botched DIY jobs
  4. Poor quality fixtures and fittings
  5. Clutter
  6. Garish décor
  7. Mould
  8. Lack of character
  9. Disappointing garden
  10. Lack of natural light

Bad odours were the most common issue, with more than one in three (36%) of the respondents identifying this as their main bugbear. Bad layouts and poorly-executed DIY jobs were also high on the list, closely followed by poor or outdated fixtures and fittings, and clutter.

The survey also confirmed that as many as 13% of Britons were mostly deterred by garish décor when viewing a property.

Head of Design at Inspired Wallpaper, Christine Westcott, said that while you should never be afraid to stamp your personality on your home, it’s worth keeping one eye on how your choices might impact the future resale value.

“It is possible to create a unique, welcoming ambience that reflects elements of your personality without putting off future buyers. While some prefer to work with a blank canvas, any buyer will be able to appreciate the amount of pride you’ve shown in your home, even if they have very different tastes,” she commented.

“You can actually use some clever interior design tips to increase your chances of getting the full asking price. Wallpaper designs that have metallic embellishments can help to reflect natural light around the room, making the space feel bigger. You can also use stripes to make a room appear more spacious than it is.”

Sarah Beeny, TV star and owner of estate agency Tepilo, also outlined a few dos and don’ts for sellers to follow. Her company recently ran a separate survey that focused on what people look for when viewing a property.

“When it comes to selling a property, there are so many simple things sellers can do to achieve a quick sale at, or above, asking price. Top of the turn-on list were a neat, well-kept garden (48%), cleanliness (43%) and fresh internal paintwork and décor (43%),” she remarked.

Sarah also warned that homeowners simply must eradicate bad smells and mould before they open their doors to potential buyers.

“These are all pretty easy things to address, and sellers need to also make sure they give their property a really good deep clean and de-clutter ahead of putting it up for sale.”