We Love: Chocolate!

We Love: Chocolate!
Who can resist the indulgence of chocolate? This year, our craving for cocoa, is being satisfied earlier than ever with Easter eggs and treats on a sumptuous parade in supermarkets for months before the big day itself.

Lindt's Easter offering are bigger and better than ever with a range to suit most tastes, although there would be room in there for a darker, 70% plus Easter-themed chocolate bunny. The chocolate is both fun coming in an array of bunny shapes and other treat selections, and smooth and rich.

Lindt's iconic 'gold' bunny is perhaps the best known aside from the tasty chocolate bars that are available throughout the year. We loved the praline bunnies for their richness and crunchy chocolatey taste. The egg was glorious if a little 'milky' for our taste, but the mint chocolates were simply divine!

Lindt has honed its chocolate making expertise over many years, having been formed in Switzerland in 1845.

Lindt Easter chocolate is available in most supermarkets and online, including from Lindt itself.