We're Turning into a Nation of Couch Potatoes!

We're Turning into a Nation of Couch Potatoes!

BRITS are no longer a nation up for a night out, as new research has revealed many of us would love nothing more than a quiet night in binge-watching a box set.

The research, based on a survey of 2,000 people, conducted by online electricals retailer, AO.com, found that 41% of Brits said they prefer to spend their free time staying at home, compared to just 18% who would rather choose going out.

32 is the average age Brits are most likely to appreciate the benefits of staying home and getting comfy on the sofa instead of going out.

When quizzed on the reasons for staying in, more than half of Brits (51%) said the top reason was so they can save money, closely followed by 50% who said they need to relax.

Just under half (42%) said it is to avoid bad weather and a further 34% who would like time to themselves.

This was followed by 1 in 3 (33%) who want to spend time with their family, completing the list of the top five reasons why Brits opt to stay at home over going out.

The top activities that make up the ideal night in included watching box sets or movies (48%), wearing comfy clothes/pyjamas (41%), listening to music (36%), ordering a takeaway (35%) and reading books or magazines (34%).

David Lawson, Managing Director of AO.com said: “After a busy Christmas, January is typically a quieter month when we choose to stay in and save our cash. It’s therefore no surprise to see how many of us are cancelling plans to go out and instead opting for a quiet night in on the sofa at home with a good boxset. Getting the ideal set up at home is easy too - we’ve got a wide variety of electronics like TV’s, laptops and even coffee machines to help you enjoy your favourite boxset and relax at home.”

The data also found that almost 1 in 5 (24%) admitted they are likely to only give a day’s notice or less when cancelling arrangements to go out.

In fact, more than half (66%) of Brits confessed that they aren’t always honest about the reasons for calling off these plans.

Despite bailing, an overwhelming 79% said that they don’t think its rude to cancel arrangements on the day of the plans.

Top 10 activities for the ideal night in:

  1. Watching box sets/movies (48%)
  2. Wearing comfy clothes/pyjamas (41%)
  3. Listening to music (36%)
  4. Ordering a takeaway (35%)
  5. Reading books/magazines (34%)

6=  Drinking wine/beer/spirits (32%)

  6=  Eating snacks (32%)

  1. Drinking tea/coffee/cocoa (26%)
  2. Cuddling my pet (19%)
  3. Chatting/Gossiping (18%)
  4. Cooking a big meal (16%)