What Does Your Bedroom's Colour Scheme Say About You?

What Does Your Bedroom's Colour Scheme Say About You?

The colours we choose to decorate our homes reveal more about us than we may realise — and while we may be partly influenced by current styles and trends, there are deeper forces at work. How about the colours we choose for our bedrooms — that most intimate of spaces. What do those choices in particular reveal?

Gill Burn is an interior designer and owner of Sussex-based professional home decorating company Lady Decorators. Here Gill shares her expertise and insights on colour choices for the bedroom. Her extensive experience of both home decorating and design has given her in-depth knowledge of colour theory and an instinctive feel for colour palettes.

Your personal space

The bedroom is certainly the most intimate and relaxed room in the home, whether it’s a cosy cocoon or sensuous space and the choice of colour (as well as furnishings and accessories) can be very revealing about the owner’s personality.

Bold colours can express fun, individuality and a sense of adventure, while the jewel tones of amethyst, sapphire and ruby suggest an outgoing and creative personality — and are very seductive!  But that doesn’t mean that those who favour calm neutrals or serene blues and greens are pale imitations of their more colourful counterparts. These more muted tones are perfect to create a sense of relaxation and stability. 

Mix and match

Soft greys and pale tones suggest serenity and a sense of balance, while whites and icy tones are chosen by those who favour a classic and timeless vibe. Don’t underestimate them though, these relatively neutral choices can still surprise and delight with a vibrant pop of accent colour from a headboard, lampshades or cushions. There’s more than a hint of mischief here!

Nature’s best

Earthy brown and cocoa hues in the bedroom hint at cosy intimacy, togetherness and a down-to-earth personality. Shades of green suggest an easy-going and peace-loving nature, while blues and lavenders are also chosen by those who love harmony and want a deeply calming space to reconnect with a partner.

Dark depths

Finally, what about black? A black bedroom is mysterious, sexy and very intimate. It’s dramatic, has prestige and is ideal for those who love privacy. Black says ‘independent’, ‘strong’ — and sends a powerful message!

Bedroom colour choices say a lot about personality, and colour choices based on instinct may be very revealing about how others see us — and how we see ourselves. On the other hand, it’s also the room where the imagination can run wild.