Where To Source Vintage Homeware

Where To Source Vintage Homeware

The past few years have seen the resurgence of vintage styling in interiors in styles ranging from shabby chic to French cottage. This has meant designer brands and high street retailers are adding retro inspired pieces to their collections, but often they command premium prices. On the plus side, social media has helped to inspire us and recreate vintage looks that won't break the bank.

Thanks to online platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, we are no longer reliant on big name brands to supply the perfect shabby chic furniture that is so popular; there are several ways in which old furniture can be repurposed or upcycled to replicate key pieces that won't cost a fortune. 

For those of us who are too busy to spend time on DIY jobs, there are ways to source vintage homeware that may be better value for money than buying from the high street. Here are a few tips and tricks from online fashion retailer Dare to Dream Vintage.  

Shop Online

Shopping online can sometimes be risky as you can’t get the size and feel of an item to make sure it will fit in your home. To combat this, decide what you want in advance and take measurements. 

Once you’ve done the prep, the shopping itself is much less time consuming than any other method, and can give a much wider range than you’d fine in stores. eBay has everything from on trend 70s chairs to 50s inspired coffee tables. There are also specialists popping up on the web such as Blackbird Vintage , which takes the hard work out of rummaging for you. 

Car Boot Sales or Charity Shops 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and car boot sales offer a whole host of hidden gems, from furniture to accessories. Most car boots sales are open early on a Sunday but it is worth the alarm when it leads to grabbing a bargain antique clock. If there are no nearby car boot sales or you can’t stand the thought of dragging yourself up in the morning, charity shops also have many items which are suitably vintage. Car boot and charity shop finds tend to be a little scuffed or dirty, but rather than throwing away an opportunity imagine it cleaned up, perhaps with a little spray paint – a one off piece is hard to find! 

Cities like Amsterdam and Paris have some incredible flea markets so if you’re after some hard core shopping, it is well worth a visit. Prices tend to be a lot lower than if you were to source them in the UK 

High-Street Outlets

High street outlets tend to get old lines of stock and are suitably discounted; making them a good choice if you want new quality but a retro feel. Some products may still be pricey, so be choosy with what you pick. If you find something you like and it’s out of budget, take a picture and search online to see if you can find a cheaper alternative.


Although auctions can seem daunting, they are the perfect place to pick up furniture and accessories of all sizes at incredible rates. Get down before the auction starts so you can decide on items you like, and set an upper limit on what you are prepared to pay; it is easy to get caught up in a bidding war when you’re high on adrenaline.

For other vintage tips and tricks, visit online vintage fashion retailer Dare To Dream Vintage