Landscaping a Large Garden: The Design Basics

Landscaping a Large Garden: The Design Basics

If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden, it is sometimes hard to figure out what to do with all of that space. While landscaping can be expensive, a big space of emptiness is sad to look at for too long - and if you do it right, landscaping your garden doesn’t have to be an excessively costly or lengthy project at all; you just need to know the elements of design. Brush up on your artistic skills and create a peaceful oasis in your own home with these handy tips.

Find inspiration first

If you’ve never done this before, it’s a good idea to find a bit of inspiration either online, from other people’s garden, and places you’ve fallen in love with in the past. To get a coherent design, it’s important that you do this bit of research before starting; otherwise, you risk ending up with a chaotic-looking backyard with elements scattered over the place. You can have a look at, for example, and try to notice what kind of design you’d prefer.

It’s also fine to think outside of the box when you have so much space to work with. Rather than sticking to the usual elements of contemporary or traditional garden design, you can create that farm feeling and set up some stables or turn  your land into a vegetable garden. Point out a corner of your farm yard and place a table and chairs there where you can enjoy the wholesome view. Have a look at for some seriously handsome stables.

Make it work with your home

Although we can’t control every detail of the house we live in, certain aspects of you will shine through nonetheless. If you’re a traditional kind of person, your garden should also bear these elements which often includes a stone-paved pathway, a well-kept front lawn, as well as small and intricate paths and design details in general. Think Windsor castle just with less space - you can have a look at some pictures of the grand garden here and enjoy the inspiration for your slightly smaller space.

To make it work with your home means that you also have to think about your home’s exterior. It is, after all, a part of the view together with your new garden. If you manage to work with the lines of your house and keep the same colours shining through, it’s a lot easier to avoid having it look like a patch of random land attached to your house - and it will be able to complement its style and colour palette.

Remember the maintenance

However you choose to lay out your oasis, remember that every garden needs to be taken care of to look amazing. Try to use the kind of elements you’re happy to take care of; if you’re a green thumb at heart, it shouldn’t be a problem to plant a lot of flowers and plants for you to care for. If you’re not that into caring for plants, you can always hire someone to do it for you - or just go for the kind of plants that require less maintenance.

Although you have a large project in front of you, a big open garden to shower your imagination over is nothing more than a gift. Remember to do your research first and have a plan before starting, and you’ll be able to create your new favourite place to be.