Making Your Garden Fun For The Kids

 Making Your Garden Fun For The Kids

The garden can be a great place to go during the warmer months of the year to sit out in the sun, eat great food fresh from the grill and spend time as a family. If you want to get the kids more involved in the garden this year and make it a fun place for them to play, here are some of the things you can do.

Play house

If you have a small corner in the back of the garden which currently doesn’t get used, it could be the perfect place to add a playhouse for your child. A playhouse doesn’t need to be massive and it certainly doesn’t need to be elaborate, you could even make one yourself out of wood. Once it is in the garden just let your child do what they want with it and they will have a fun place to play on a sunny day and stay out of direct sunlight. You can provide them with some fun decorations to use in their new home to keep them occupied for the weekend!

Grow flowers

If you want to get your children more involved in the gardening you can have some fun this spring and get them to help you plant some flowers. Children are naturally very curious so they enjoy trying new things; and this can be the perfect opportunity to get them interested in flowers and wildlife too. Get down to your local garden centre for some bedding plants and let your child choose a few that they really like. When you get home they will be able to plant these flowers and feel as if they have achieved something.

Get a trampoline

Round Trampolines, rectangular trampolines and mini trampolines are all amazing options for your garden and your child. Children love to bounce around, and often the trampoline will turn into their favourite part of the garden to play with. It can be a good way to keep them fit and healthy as well as keep them occupied while you catch some rays in the summer sun.

Teach them about animals

Our gardens are full to the brim with different animals and insects, and this summer can be a great opportunity to teach your child about various animals and how to look after them in the garden. You could hang a bird box in a tree in your backyard, watch them feeding during the day and plant different flowers to attract bees and butterflies. You can even gift them with a wildlife book so that they can start identifying the species themselves in the garden.

Lots of toys

Children love toys and can make pretty much any game out of a toy or two in the backyard. There are plenty of different outdoor toys you can buy for your children which will keep them happy and healthy throughout the year. For example you can buy a sand pit with tools, chalk for the patio and a hula hoop to keep them from putting in weight. These are all fun things you child can do which will make them want to stay outside all year long and step away from their phone screens.