The Latest Front Door Trends That Are Sweeping The Nation

The Latest Front Door Trends That Are Sweeping The Nation

When it comes to boosting curb appeal and providing visitors with a great first impression of your home, you can’t look past your front door. It’s the first thing people are drawn to when they see your house, so you need to ensure yours looks great. An ugly front door often leads to an ugly home, while a good looking one does the exact opposite.

As you can imagine, trends come and go in the world of front door design. To help keep you updated, and ensure you choose a front door that’s up with the times, here are some of the hottest trends around right now:

Bright & Colourful Doors

A very recent trend is to do away with the bland and boring front doors of the past. If you walk down any given street, you’ll probably see about three different coloured doors at the maximum. Most people go for white, black, or possibly grey. As of right now, the trend is to add a splash of colour to your front door. We see more and more homes with light blue, bright yellow, or even ruby red doors. It creates an instant impact on your home exterior, dazzling the design for all to see.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are very trendy as they combine two vital elements of a front door; style and security. They get their name as they’re made up of many different materials, which essentially provides them with added durability and style. As you can see on the VPS 247 website, there are plenty of different composite door styles around too. Again, this is what makes them so popular, as you have lots of choices to pick between. From modern Italian style doors to more rustic French ones; there are many ways you can make composite work for you.

Pivoting Doors

Traditionally, doors open via a hinge. Just writing that is enough to make me yawn - they’re not very exciting. A real modern trend has started lately, and it’s the idea of pivoting front doors. Instead of swinging open like a normal door, they have a cool pivot action that looks really funky. It’s amazing to look at, and these doors are often the peak of modern home design. Give it a few more years, and everyone will have one!

Glass Doors

Last but not least, we have glass front doors. With this trend, most of your front door is made out of glass, with a border made out of wood or composite. It offers a unique design as it’s almost like your house is open for all to see. In most cases, you will use patterned or styled glass that can’t be seen through. However, I’ve seen some houses with clear glass doors opening onto a porch area. Either way, it’s a nice idea if you want to switch the typical door design up.

Do any of these trends tickle your fancy at the moment? If you’re thinking of a fairly easy way to spruce up the front of your house, then a brand new door is probably the best option out there.